Stories well told,
get results well loved. Faster results for luxury properties of every size and scope

Selling more than a home.
Selling a way of life.

When you tell better stories, you get better results. Latham has been crafting compelling stories his entire career. His background in publishing, marketing and branding are on full display with every home he brokers. Using video and photography, he stages your home to emotionally connect in ways that go beyond facts and figures. It’s the difference between show and sell -- with results that speak for themselves.

A home holds countless,
precious moments.
Does your agent get that?

Latham understands selling a home is emotional. It’s where memories are made. His sales stories captures this emotion and is the reason why his listings attract a higher level of buyer interest, engagement and success.

Bringing stories to life.
And life to stories.

Latham works with you to discover what makes your home uniquely appealing. Other agents don’t develop this vision and allow the various marketing people they work with to create their own “take” on how to stage your home. The results are hit and miss.

Latham acts as your creative director. He assures every photo, every video, every element tells a cohesive tale that emotionally connects. From developing a compelling narrative, to directing a captivating video, he brings your home’s story to life in ways that impress and engage.

After we capture your story,
we share it with the world.

Once Latham develops your story, captured in stunning visuals, this becomes the nucleus of your listing campaign. We then use a variety of high-traffic touch points to share your story wherever and whenever possible, including a customized website, a dedicated property brochure, video banner ads, email and social media campaign. And each delivers a captivating narrative that turn interest into action. So homes sell faster, at a great price.

Facts don’t sell. Stories do.
But don’t take our word for it.

“Latham is the real estate agent everyone hopes to have. He knows the importance of the right positioning and marketing in selling your property. Everything he will do is to "tell the story" of your property. In doing so, he exceeded every expectation. Latham’s genuine, authentic and honest nature makes him an absolute pleasure with which to work. The best realtor I've ever met or used, and I’ve used a lot. It would be impossible to recommend Latham any more highly.”~ Client Jim Broderick


Stories well told,
get results well loved.

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